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Naked Silk Lube SALE
Naked Silk Lube SALE
Naked silk hybrid lubricant SALE

Naked Silk Personal Lubricant - 8.7 oz.

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quick facts
Naked Silk is a hybrid lubricant, halfway between water-based and silicone-based lubes. This means it has the advantage of both types without the drawbacks.
  • Naked Silk Lubricant
  • A hybrid water-silicone lube
  • 8.7 ounces
item description
Naked Silk is a hybrid lubricant that’s specially formulated to feel as close as possible to the body’s natural lubricants, for an intimate, authentic feeling.

As a hybrid lube, Naked Silk combines the best parts of both water-based and silicone-based lubricants: the condom safety and easy-cleaning of water-based lubes with the long-lasting endurance and slipperiness of silicone. It’s greater than the sum of its parts, too, creating a feeling that mimics the body’s natural moisture unlike anything else. If it starts to wear thin during use, it can also be reactivated with water.

One 8.7 fl oz / 257 ml bottle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My wife loves the smooth feel it gives my fingers as I stroke her. I also love the feel when she uses it on my shaft.


Works great and does not stain bedding.

worked great and we didnt destroy anything

ok so no one explained to me that most silicone based lubes will destroy disfigure and ruin most silicone that 120 you spent on the perfet toy after one night you will wakt up to find a misshapen wobbly at best sad little toy and there is not coming back from it..but we did not like using water based for together time just sticky and ineffective and yes i am older than 30 so lube very important. so we tried this hybrid...worked great and yes a little pricey but if it saves you have to throw out a brand new toy its worth and not haveing to keep 2 different bottles in the night stand so the grandkids have 2 different kinds of hand lotion they think they want to use to decide on.(we decided to have one drawer now that locks so no judging)

Not cheap but it feels great

This stuff isn't cheap twenty bucks is no bargain but it feels great and last a long time not sticky.