Toy of the Week: Ultimate Pleasure Machine

Toy of the Week: Ultimate Pleasure Machine

The Ultimate Pleasure Machine: women tell their friends about this vibrator because it does everything, and we mean everything. You can use one side of this vibrator as a fairly classic vibrator, internally on your g-spot or externally on your clitoris. Or you can turn it around to use the other end, which licks and sucks to simulate amazing oral sex. We love this sex toy because it gives you several incredible options, all in one self-pleasure session!

What you'll really love about this vibrator: 

  • This women's vibrator boasts a flickering tongue that licks your clitoris at three speeds—and includes a soft-tendril tickler that fits over the tongue for even more clitoral stimulation.
  • This sex toy sucks at a few different speeds too. It's not an air pulser—rather, it forms a seal over your clitoris and vulva, providing gentle suction as the tongue strokes your clitoris.
  • The Ultimate Pleasure Machine Sex Toy includes two different-sized heads for the sucking and licking end, which give you options for targeted clitoral stimulation, or a larger area of sucking on your vulva. This helps the toy fit all anatomy types too!
  • It's made of high-quality, body-safe materials.
  • The Ultimate Pleasure Machine is waterproof and rechargeable.

You can grab yours here.

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