Toy of the Week: Thunderstick Wand

Thunderstick Wand

Here at, we’ve been selling the world’s finest vibrators, sex toys and accessories for nearly 20 years now. Our team of experts search through the thousands and thousands of toys on the market to find the very best, based on sound level, vibration level, shape and features. But even though we only sell the best of the best, there’s still hundreds of different toys to choose from on our website. How can you know which toy is best for you? In our blog, we’ll highlight a different toy each week, point out some of the things that make it special, and suggest who we think might love this toy as much as we do.

This week, we’re showing off the Thunderstick Wand, one of the most powerful wand vibrators we’ve ever encountered. Seriously. All wand vibrators are powerful - that’s why they’re so popular - but the Thunderstick is so powerful that it scored more than double, even almost triple the threshold required to receive the Vibrator Institute’s “Unrelenting” power score. That is some serious, serious power. This toy is not for the faint of heart.

Besides being powerful, the Thunderstick Wand also has a flexible and easily-positionable neck, a convenient speed control dial, and a 65 inch power cord so you don’t have to be so restricted by the fact that it’s outlet-powered. But we know the main reason you’d be interested in it is the power. If you have trouble orgasming with other toys because they just aren’t providing enough stimulation, we highly recommend the Thunderstick!

You can buy the Thunderstick Wand here.

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