Toy of the Week: The Cowgirl Sex Machine

The Cowgirl

Here at, we’ve been selling the world’s finest vibrators, sex toys and accessories for nearly 20 years now. Our team of experts search through the thousands and thousands of toys on the market to find the very best, based on sound level, vibration level, shape and features. But even though we only sell the best of the best, there’s still hundreds of different toys to choose from on our website. How can you know which toy is best for you? In our blog, we’ll highlight a different toy each week, point out some of the things that make it special, and suggest who we think might love this toy as much as we do.

And we’re going to start things off strong - literally. For our first post, we’re showcasing quite possibly the strongest vibrating toy we’ve ever encountered: The Cowgirl Sex Machine. The Cowgirl Sex Machine is a wall-outlet-powered rideable vibrator, the same style of toy as the much more well-known Sybian. But in our personal and professional opinions, we like the Cowgirl a lot better than the Sybian or any other riding vibrator out there. Here are just a few of the many, many reasons:

  • The sheer power of its 3000 RPM motor
  • Impressively precise controls for such a powerful toy, with independent vibration and rotation controllable using a remote or a smartphone app
  • Body made of handcrafted vegan leather which is both extremely comfortable and extremely easy to clean
  • Includes two premium silicone attachments for different kinds of stimulation
  • Size and shape that makes it perfect for solo play or added stimulation with a partner

At $1500, the Cowgirl is also the most expensive sex toy on our site, and so this isn’t a toy for every customer. But as far as riding vibrators go, it’s actually quite reasonably priced for its quality. And for women who won’t let money or anything else stop them in their pursuit of ultimate pleasure, the Cowgirl may just be the last stop they ever need to make on that journey.

You can buy The Cowgirl Sex Machine here.

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