Toy of the Week: Evoke Massage Wheel

Evoke Massage Wheel

Here at, we’ve been selling the world’s finest vibrators, sex toys and accessories for nearly 20 years now. Our team of experts search through the thousands and thousands of toys on the market to find the very best, based on sound level, vibration level, shape and features. But even though we only sell the best of the best, there’s still hundreds of different toys to choose from on our website. How can you know which toy is best for you? In our blog, we’ll highlight a different toy each week, point out some of the things that make it special, and suggest who we think might love this toy as much as we do.

Sex toys are amazing at what they do, but with most of them, what they do is pretty limited. You can use them to enhance masturbation or sex, and that’s about it. But this week’s toy has a much wider range of applications, and you can probably figure that out just by looking at it or hearing its name: the Evoke Massage Wheel. This incredibly versatile toy may not look like it, but it’s actually a dual motor vibrator, with one motor in the wheel and one in the handle. And you guessed it, these motors can be controlled independently, with ten different functions available for each.

If you want a toy that does it all, we think you’ll be very, very satisfied by the Evoke Massage Wheel. The vibrating handle is curved just right to make a perfect G-spot stimulator. The rotating and vibrating massage wheel can be rolled over and around your opening for clitoral and labial stimulation. And, since it is a massage wheel, after all, it also works amazingly well as a full-body massager. If you want a sex toy that isn’t just a sex toy, we recommend giving the Evoke Massage Wheel a try.

You can buy the Evoke Massage Wheel here.

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