Toy of the Week: Amour Dual Motor Wand

Amour Dual Motor Vibrator

Here at, we’ve been selling the world’s finest vibrators, sex toys and accessories for nearly 20 years now. Our team of experts search through the thousands and thousands of toys on the market to find the very best, based on sound level, vibration level, shape and features. But even though we only sell the best of the best, there’s still hundreds of different toys to choose from on our website. How can you know which toy is best for you? In our blog, we’ll highlight a different toy each week, point out some of the things that make it special, and suggest who we think might love this toy as much as we do.

Each week this month, we’re looking at one of the toys in the Amour line. The Amour vibrators are all high-end toys with mid-range prices made of phthalate-free, body-safe silicone. They all share some great features in common: beautiful design in a cute pink color, waterproof design, rechargeability, and a hugely versatile array of 7 vibration functions at 5 different speeds. What sets each toy apart from the others is what type of stimulation it’s designed to provide.

So far, the toys we’ve been showing you in this line have been primarily designed for one type of stimulation or the other. But what if you like clitoral and g-spot stimulation equally? What if you like having both at once? Well then, the Amour Dual Motor Wand is the answer to your questions. This premium vibrator features not just one, but two intensely powerful motors: one in the clitoral stimulator and one in the tip of the shaft. Its elegant curves fit into your body perfectly to deliver stimulation everywhere you want it, all at once. If you want all the kinds of pleasure you can get and aren’t easily overstimulated, the Amour Dual Motor Wand is for you.

You can buy the Amour Dual Motor Wand here.

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