Today's Best Reviewed Vibrators

Today's Best Reviewed Vibrators 

Not everything is a 5 star this time, but they are all really nice.


Image of Double-Ended Wand Plus Vibrator
Double-Ended Wand Plus Vibrator
4 stars. While it is big, strong, and powerful, it is odd "to hold the end that was once inside of me"
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Image of The "Tracy's Dog" Vibrator
The "Tracy's Dog" Vibrator
The vibrator with the worst name is one of the best. Lots of great reviews for Tracy's Dog.
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Image of The Rose Clit Sucker
The Rose Clit Sucker
If we had a dollar for every review of the rose, we would be more than halfway toward buying a rose.
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Image of A Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator
A Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator
A powerful rabbit vibrator that offers a thrusting motion. If you want all of the sensations, choose this.
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Image of Floral Swirl Wand Vibrator
Floral Swirl Wand Vibrator
A powerful handheld wand with a fun appearance. It's the most art nouveau vibrator I've ever seen.
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Image of Our Strongest Bunny Vibrator
Our Strongest Bunny Vibrator
Form and function are what this bunny vibrator offers. Internal and external stimulation that knows no bounds.
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A toy that got a bad review.

Image of Thunderstick Wand - One of Our Most Powerful Vibrators
Thunderstick Wand - One of Our Most Powerful Vibrators
I'm not sure what a "hard workout" is, but one customer found that their Thunderstick didn't survive a few of them. We will keep it around because other people like the power.
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