The 12 Sex Toys of Christmas 2020

The 12 Sex Toys of Christmas 2020

"On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... four kegel weights, three cock rings, two anal plugs and a wand that massages my G!" This year, has re-written the classic carol, because nobody really wants turtle doves or pipers piping for Christmas. No, you'd much rather have twelve of the hottest and newest sex toys at amazingly affordable prices - and you're in luck, because that's exactly what we're bringing you with's Twelve Toys of Christmas!

12 Sex Toys of Christmas 2020

shibari wand vibrator unrelenting power

Shibari Wand Vibrator

Wand vibrators are the best for jaw-dropping, earth-shaking clitoral stimulation, and the Shibari Vibrator is no exception. Rechargeable, unrelentingly strong, and swathed in silky body-safe silicone, the Shibari Vibrator will take you to new heights, fast.

Awesome Black Bullet Vibrator Powerful Vibrator

Awesome Black Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators rock because they're versatile! The Awesome Black Bullet Vibrator is a long-time favorite here are You can use it solo for clitoral, vulva, or vaginal exploration. It's also easy to incorporate into partner sex, as it's small and unintrusive.

Remote Control Curve Vibrator

The Curve Vibrator is a great way to add a little fun and mischievousness to date nights. It allows you control your lover's pleasure from across the room, and bring an element of dominance and submission to your sex life! This vibrator is perfect for clitoral or g-spot stimulation.

our biggest jelly vibrator

Our Biggest Jelly Vibrator

Sometimes you just need a big, girthy vibrator, to do a job only a big, girthy vibrator can do. This is an inexpensive, battery-powered vibrator that ensures at least a few nights of filled-to-the-brim, thorough, in-depth, expansive pleasure!

ultimate pleasure machine for her

Ultimate Pleasure Machine Clit Sucker and Vibrator - With Four Powerful Motors

This award-winning vibrator imitates oral sex, and does it well! It sucks, licks and vibrates, for out-of-this-world sensation. The Ultimate Pleasure Machine Sex Toy flies off the shelves, for good reason.

flexible bendy anal probe

Flexible Bendy Anal Probe

With the firmness of a butt plug and the flexibility of anal beads, this unique anal sex toy bends to fit YOUR body. And it vibrates. It really doesn't get better than this for backdoor fun.

Dual motor vibrator for g-spot and clit vibrations

Daro Dual Motor Vibrator 

Rechargeable? Check. Made from high-quality body-safe materials? Check. Splashproof? Check. This vibrator is inexpensive for all the features it boasts, including dual motors for internal and external pleasure.

marvelous clitoral vibrator

Marvelous Teaser Clit Vibrator

We love the Marvelous Teaser in because it's quiet and ultra-powerful, with an ergonomic shape. This teaser earned the Vibrator Institute’s highest power and second-quietest sound ratings. People don't buy this vibrator as often because it's bright green, but we kind of love that it has a different and fresh look.

perfect g-spot vibrator

Velvet 303 G-Spot Vibrator

We're big fans of the Velvet 303, the perfectly shaped g-spot vibrator. The handle on this baby makes it easy to move back and forth against your g-spot. And the silky smooth body with a perfectly placed ridge = heaven!

venus butterfly vibrator with penis

Venus Butterfly Rocking Penis

The Venus Butterfly Rocking Penis is a remote-controlled g-spot vibrator that you rock against for clitoral and g-spot stimulation. If you like internal and external thrills at the same time, this is the sex toy for you. 

surf city g-spot vibrator

Surf City G-Spot Thumping Vibrator

Thumping. Need we say more? This g-spot vibrator thumps against your g-spot, providing more of that "come-hither" tapping that makes for the best g-spot orgasms. This is a fairly new technology that can help you discover your g-spot.

verge thumping cock ring

Verge Thumping Cock Ring

Thumping feels good inside and out -- and the Thumping Cock Ring is your opportunity to experience the thump on your clitoris and vulva. This cock ring vibrates and thumps, lending to lots more stimulation during sex! This one is rechargeable, waterproof, and helps you both enjoy penetrative sex to its fullest.

Thank you for reading about the 12 toys of Christmas 2020! We offer lots of incredible toys here at, and these are some of the creme of the crop.

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