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The Torch a Fleshlight Competitor SALE
The Torch a Fleshlight alternative SALE
The Torch an option to replace the Fleshlight SALE
The Torch Male Masturbator SALE

The Torch - Our Suggested Fleshlight Alternative

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quick facts
The Torch is our pick as a better alternative to the Fleshlight. It offers more features at a lower price.
  • A male masturbator
  • Made of extremely lifelike material
  • Hidden in a plastic "flashlight" case
item description

Looking for a realistic sex toy made specifically for male masturbation, like the Fleshlight? The Fleshlight was the world's #1 selling male sex toy, with over one million sold, but it is really expensive for what you get. This seemed like something the product team at could help with. We set out to find a better alternative to the Fleshlight. We present to you, the "Torch", a Fleshlight imitator that actually offers some improvements over the original. 

When it was introduced, the Fleshlight was the most realistic sexual penetration stimulator on the market, but the technology they used wasn't new and there are many other toys that use the same materials to create the same feel. The Fleshlight also never really looked like a regular flashlight, it was much bigger. It did have a discreet case though. Inside the Fleshlight and The Torch's plastic casing hides a life-like vaginal simulator.

Ridges and bumps line the inside of the Torch's sleeve, increasing the pleasurable sensations you will feel. A knob on The Torch can be tightened or loosened to adjust the tightness you experience. You should use The Torch with a water-based lubricant to allow for the best, most comfortable feel.

The masturbation sleeve is removable and made of super soft TPR. The sleeve retains heat when you soak them in warm water, making them feel even more like the real thing. Try the Torch if you are looking for a Fleshlight but you aren't foolish enough to pay the premium for one. The Torch is a new, exciting masturbation experience.

The Torch is easily cleaned with warm water. The manufacturer advises you NOT to use soap or toy cleaner, as it will erode the material. For tough cleanups, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. To restore The Torch to original condition, apply corn starch to the sleeve once it is dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Stan T.
Just like my old Fleshlight

I had a Fleshlight but after a couple of years it really started to look nasty. No amount of cleaning was going to work. I bought the original one here at but they no longer sell them and suggested this as a substitute. Its just as good and costs less too.

I was actually looking for

A fleshlight that could vibrate at different intensities and that can recharge with a usb cable.

I had mine for 5 years and

I had mine for 5 years and this was after my partner left me, and yes i am male and i am gay, but man it the best load shooter for me ever its like making love to a real person and i enjoy being single with it.. Ooo yea..:)

I just love the video. He s

I just love the video. He said you can stick your dick in it as many times as you want.. lmmfao

I have the happiest cock in

I have the happiest cock in the world. I can\'t stop using it.