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Glow in the Dark SEX! SALE
Glow in the Dark SEX! SALE

Glow in the Dark SEX! Game

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quick facts
Glow in the Dark SEX! is a sexy board game for couples that can be played with the lights on or off - or both in the course of one game!
  • A fun game for couples
  • Play with the lights on or off
  • Includes gameboard, spinner, game pieces, and rules sheet
item description
Looking for a sexy, fun game that you and your partner can play any time the mood strikes? Glow in the Dark SEX! can be played amidst romantic mood lighting or completely in the dark, because, as the name suggests, the game board glows in the dark!

Glow in the Dark SEX! is an easy-to-learn game that adds a little adventure and excitement to foreplay. You and your partner take turns spinning the spinner and moving your game piece to the next space on the board that matches its color. Then, perform the action depicted on the space, from kissing to spanking to removing clothing. There are also spaces you can land on that will lead you to turn out the lights - but don’t worry, play can continue as normal thanks to the glow-in-the-dark board! Once one of you reaches the finish line, the game has reached its climax. Spin the spinner one last time, assume the position the arrow’s pointing to, and have SEX!

Includes a gameboard, spinner, 2 game pieces, and a rules sheet.