Kisses & Orgasms Kit - Buzzing Clit Gel & Lip Balm


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The Kisses and Orgasms Kit is an awesome set of two strong arousal gels. On Arousal Gel is the strongest clitoral gel available, and X on The Lips is a buzzing lip balm for intimate kisses.
  • Kisses and Orgasms Kit
  • Strong arousal gel & buzzing lip balm
  • A sexy and fun kit
  • Over 50 applications

item description
The Kisses and Orgasms Kit is an awesome kit for lovers that includes On Arousal Gel, the strongest arousal gel we've ever tried! On Arousal Gel is so strong that it imparts a feeling akin to vibration. It doesn't contain menthol; it supports personal lubrication, and it's 100% natural. We think it's a fantastic choice for those who want to try a clitoral stimulating gel.

Also included in the set is a full-size X on the Lips. X on the Lips is a strawberry flavored lip balm that makes your lips feel like they are intensely vibrating. It's an amazing feeling that you'll immediately want to share with a lover.

About On Arousal Gel:

On Female Arousal Gel is the female arousal gel that will have you turned on in just two minutes. This tingling natural arousal oil is shockingly powerful, containing over 50 applications in just 0.17 fluid ounces.

On is the most intense female enhancement gel we've tried, and we've tried quite a few. It will make you tingle so much that it feels like vibrating! Simply apply 1 to 2 drops of On onto the clitoris. Allow up to two minutes for full effect; the tingling sensation will last for up to 45 minutes. Reapply as desired.

X on the Lips Ingredients: Beeswax, Essential oils including sweet almond oil, cinnamon oil, vitamin E, rosemary oil extract, pheromones, natural flavors

On ingredients: Essential oils, including: sweet almond oil, cinnamonum zeylanicum, natural tocopherols (vitamin E), silica, natural flavors and rosemary oil extract. Menthol-free.

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