Whip, Bind and Scratch Tickets


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quick facts
Whip, Bind and Scratch Tickets combine the pleasures of lovemaking with the thrill of a scratch-off ticket to create a sensual game that you and your partner won't be able to stop playing!
  • A fun game for lovers
  • Scratch off the spaces to see what acts to perform
  • 8 tickets per pack

item description
What’s a better feeling than scratching off the symbols on a scratch ticket to see if you’ve won? How about scratching off the symbols on a Whip, Bind and Scratch Ticket? Instead of unrealistic cash prizes you have no hope of actually winning, the Whip, Bind and Scratch Tickets’ hidden symbols depict sex acts and accessories for you and your partner to use and try.

You can use these tickets however your heart desires, but the most basic way to play would be to take turns scratching off one door at a time from your tickets. The first one to reveal three matching symbols wins! What do you get when you win? Well, that’s up to the winner to decide. But with symbols like handcuffs, whips, and doggy style sex, they shouldn’t be too terribly hard to interpret.

Whip, Bind and Scratch Tickets are a fun and open-ended game for lovers that make bringing a little kink into the bedroom safe and easy. Not to mention, there’s that unmistakable thrill to playing with them. It’s like a lottery that everybody wins!

Includes 8 tickets.

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