VibroMan Collection - Tongue Ring, Cock Ring and Finger Vibe

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This collection features three exciting toys for couples to share. Experiment with a finger vibrator, tongue vibrator, and a vibrating cock ring, for amazing foreplay and sex.
  • Vibroman Collection
  • A vibrating tongue ring, finger ring and cock ring
  • Batteries included


item description
The Vibroman Collection features three vibrators for couples. Make foreplay and sex more exciting when you add vibration.

This set comes with three vibrating rings: a tongue ring, finger ring, and cock ring. The Vibrating Tongue Ring features a band that turns his or her tongue into a vibrator. The Finger Vibe wears around any finger, and can be used on him or her. The Vibrating Cock Ring fits around his penis, giving him more stamina, and providing her with clitoral vibration during sex.

Experiment with these sex toys, each of which has 30+ minutes of battery life. These disposable sex toys are made from SEBS silicone, and are phthalate-free/latex-free.

Batteries included.

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