Opulent Ecstasy Ben-Wa Balls


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Ben-Wa Balls are used for vaginal exercise. With repeated use, they can make you tighter and make your orgasms stronger. Ben-Wa Balls stimulate you internally as well—who said exercise isn't fun?
  • A set of Ben-Wa Balls
  • Exercise and tone vaginal muscles
  • Make orgasms stronger

item description
For years we have sold ben-wa balls. Customers like them because they are stimulating and effective.

For hundreds of years Japanese Geisha were highly skilled in developing techniques to satisfy the sexual needs of their partners. These techniques have been passed down from one generation to another. One of the most successful techniques was the use of vaginal exercise balls.

These handcrafted small metal balls have a opulent reflective finish and a sea shell shaped storage case. To use the opulent ecstasy pearls, insert them into the vagina. Use a rocking motion to stimulate erogenous zones. Not only will you strengthen the vaginal muscles—you will experience the pleasurable feelings of a vaginal massage.

These weighted ecstasy balls measure 3/4 of an inch in diameter. This set comes with two pleasure pearls.

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