Triple Chocolate Body Paint Set

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quick facts
The Triple Chocolate Body Paint Set makes a deliciously sensual experience even more delicious with three flavors of tasty chocolate body paint, to satisfy even the most ravenous chocoholics.
  • Three flavors
  • 2 oz per flavor
  • Edible and delicious

item description
Paint yourselves an erotic new masterpiece of pleasure with the Triple Chocolate Body Paint Set. This set comes with not one, not two, but three different colors and flavors of edible chocolate body paint to satisfy even your most ravenous chocolate and sexual cravings. The variety of colors will let you unleash your creative side and paint sensual designs with your fingers or tongue, while the variety of flavors will ensure that your tastebuds feel as good as the rest of you during your erotic playtime.

The Triple Chocolate Body Paint Set comes with three 2 ounce jars of edible body paint, in white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate flavors. These body paints taste great and spread easily, so they’re perfect for bringing your foreplay to deliciously sensual new heights.

Three 2 oz jars per package. Contains dairy.

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