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quick facts
Spice It Up! comes with 125 different suggestions for sexy scenarios and envelopes to put them in. What you do with them is totally up to you!
  • A sensual game for lovers
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Comes with 125 scenario cards and 25 envelopes

item description
Have you and your partner fallen into a routine with your sex life, where it seems like you just do the same thing every time and never try anything new? Sounds like it’s time for you to Spice It Up!

Spice It Up! isn’t really a game so much as it is a collection of sexy scenarios and fantasies which you can use to make a game of your own. Maybe you take turns reading them off and enacting them, maybe you hide them around the house in the provided envelopes for your lover to find - the possibilities are endless!

Spice It Up! includes 125 different scenario suggestions for you to explore, so it’ll be a long time before you find yourself stuck in a rut again. There’s even 6 blank cards included so you and your partner can come up with your own scenarios together to add to the deck! Spice It Up! gives you everything you need to spice up your sex life over and over again.

Contents: 125 scenario cards and 25 invitation-style envelopes.

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