Spartacus Couple's Ring - Ultimate Support and Stimulation

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The Spartacus Cock Ring features two vibrators: one that stimulates her clitoris, and one for him. It encapsulates his penis with a soft sheath, and gives him the ultimate in stamina.
  • Spartacus Cock Ring
  • Stimulates both partners
  • Adds girth, stamina and vibration
  • Comes with watch batteries (included)


item description loves the Spartacus Couple's Ring because it is different than any cock ring we've ever seen! This vibrating cock ring features a clitoral vibrator, a testicular vibrator, a sheath to add girth and stamina to his penis, and a ring that supports his testicles. It is made of soft silicone that will feel amazing to both partners.

The Spartacus Couple's Ring is soft and stretchy. The clitoral vibrator lays vertically, instead of horizontally, giving her more vibration to move and grind against. She also gets the added pleasure of a little extra girth and vaginal sensation from this couple's sex toy.

This vibrator does look a little intimidating, but we assure you, it's easy to put on. We recommend it for small to average sized penises. On a very large penis, this sex toy might be a bit too tight.

Comes with batteries. Take out the white battery insert before using the toy.

NOTE: Dildo does not come with the toy. We just wanted to show you how this one fits, because it can be confusing to look at!

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