Mini Kegel Balls - Exercise to Better Orgasms

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The Mini Kegel Balls are the perfect size and shape to exercise your way to better orgasms and a tighter vagina. This set comes with three interchangeable balls of different weights.
  • Mini Kegel Balls
  • Comes with an extra weight
  • Train for better orgasms

item description loves the Mini Kegel Balls because they are a great shape and size for all women. Some kegel ball sets are unnecessarily large. These kegel balls will give you a great workout, and give you pleasure, but aren't as invasive as other sets.

We also love the Mini Kegel Balls because they come with an extra weight. This set comes with three balls: one is 30 grams, another is 40 grams, and one is 40 grams as well. You can start with 70 grams, and as you feel your muscles strengthen, work your way up to a combined 80 grams of weight.

This soft silicone kegel set is body-safe, phthalate-free, and smooth for easy insertion. It measures at one inch in diameter. The insertable portion of the Kegel set is 2.75 inches long. It features a soft retrieval cord for ease of removal.

Use with a water-based lube and wash with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner or soap.

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