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Vibrators.com offers a free vibrator if you want to pay the $3.95 shipping charge. It's a great deal and a nice little vibrator.
  • Get a nice little vibrator for free.
  • $3.95 Ground Shipping
  • Vibrators.com has no mailing lists and ships privately.

item description
Status:This is a free vibrator, but if you don't buy anything else, it will cost $3.95 for ground shipping. We think it is a great offer and invite you to order one.

At one point we offered a free vibrator that was totally and completely free, but that deal almost bankrupted us, so we had to start charging people a little bit for shipping. If you don't want to pay shipping, then this offer isn't for you.

Here at Vibrators.com we are committed to allowing our customers to find satisfaction. As vibrator enthusiasts, we want everyone to experience the pleasure that a nice vibrator can bring to partners and individuals. So we are trying to deliver a nice vibrator to you as inexpensively as possible.

Vibrators.com has been giving away this free vibrator for years as a bonus gift with customers' orders and it receives great reviews. It is fairly powerful, quiet, and uses a single AA battery (not included). It is 5 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, a smaller vibe. It is emblazoned with the Vibrators.com logo on one side, so that you will forever remember our generosity.

When you order this free vibe we will ship it to in a plain brown box and then hold your information in the strictest confidence. Vibrators.com has no newsletter and no mailing list. Ordering from us is completely private. We only ship you the products you order and then stay silent. Instead of bothering our past customers, we focus on finding great products and allowing customer satisfaction to drive our success. It's how we have always done business and one reason why we are successful.

What are the rules? Navigating the method of getting a free vibrator will be a little tricky. Put the vibe in your shopping cart (only 1 per customer). Choose the shipping method "Ground" (not Free Shipping, but Ground).

Other Note: We are canceling orders from greedy people. Order twice or order two different free gifts without making a purchase and you will get nothing. So please, be nice.

Thanks for reading, and for visiting Vibrators.com - The Easiest, Most Private Way to Buy The Perfect Vibrator.

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