Showgirl Pocket Pussy

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quick facts
The Showgirl Pocket Pussy is an affordable pocket pussy that feels great thanks to its tight hole and textured inner chamber.
  • Made from Pureskin
  • Stretchy yet tight
  • Textured inner chamber

item description
The Showgirl Pocket Pussy isn’t as flashy and ostentatious as most showgirls. It doesn’t come with a brightly colored feather headdress, unfortunately. What it does come with, however, is an anatomically correct textured inner chamber and a tight but stretchy hole designed with superior suction in mind. It’s stretchy enough to fit any man, yet tight enough to bring you a mind-blowing orgasm. The Showgirl Pocket Pussy is made from ultra soft Pureskin for the realest-feeling experience money can buy.

The Showgirl Pocket Pussy is made from Pureskin TPE and can be used with any water-based lubricant. It should be cleaned with antibacterial sex toy cleaner or warm water and soap.

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