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Pureskin Stroke It Toys are some of the highest quality male masturbators on the market, made of premium materials in available in a wide selection of options.
  • Ultra Realistic
  • Choose Your Orifice
  • Choose Your Skin Color

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    The Pureskin Stroke It line of male masturbators just might be the highest quality male sex toys in existence right now. Gone are the days of simple rubber pocket pussies. These premium toys are made of ultra-lifelike Pureskin TPR, and are available as highly detailed pussies, asses, or mouths. Pick your orifice, pick your skin color, and get ready to have the best fake sex ever.

    Pureskin Stroke It toys are heavy duty, weighing over a pound, so you’ll never feel like you’re fucking just some cheap piece of plastic. They feature a closed end to create superior suction, and an incredibly realistic anatomically correct textured inner chamber. They’re stretchy enough to fit any man, and a breeze to clean after use. In short, they’re just about the closest thing you can get to real sex without actually getting another person involved.

    Choose your desired skin tone and orifice from the dropdown list above.

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