Neon Purple Magic Fingers


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The Neon Purple Magic Fingers will turn your fingers into magical pleasure machines and make foreplay way more fun for you and your partner!
  • Wristband Remote Control
  • ABS Plastic, TPR, Nylon
  • 2 AA Batteries

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    item description

    The Neon Purple Magic Fingers really do feel like magic. With just a flick of the wrist, any pair of ordinary fingers can be instantly transformed into mind-boggling pleasure machines.

    This unique sex toy consists of two mini bullet vibrators in textured sleeves with stretchy loops on the bottom that allow them to fit snugly around a pair of your fingers. The bullets are controlled by a wired multi-speed remote, which can be conveniently and comfortably attached further up your arm using the included wristband. This leaves your other hand free to adjust the multi-speed control dial, or do any other number of naughty and magical things your mind can imagine.

    The bullets are powerful for their size, and the sleeves are covered in several different textures, making them feel amazing used in a variety of different ways in a variety of different areas. Combine this with the extreme flexibility - after all, these vibrators can move any way your own fingers can - and you’ve got a toy that works fantastically solo or for foreplay with a partner.

    Made of ABS plastic, TPR, and nylon. Remote control requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

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