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The Her Fantasy Body Massager is a cute mini wand vibrator that can also be used for full body massage, part of the Her Fantasy collection of vibrators for women!
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 10 Functions

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    item description

    The Her Fantasy collection is a new line of high-quality sex toys and accessories designed to bring women into a whole new world of sensual pleasure. These items are made of high-quality materials, come in lovely shades of purple, and focus on different types of pleasure from the typical kind of clitoral or g-spot stimulation that most sex toys for women tend to focus on.

    The Body Massager is exactly what it sounds like: a small handheld wand vibrator with a flexible neck that can be used for sensual vibrating massage anywhere on your body! Of course, there’s one place in particular that we’d recommend using it for an even more pleasurable experience! With ten different functions to choose from, you’ll never get bored of exploring all the different ways this mini wand vibrator can make you feel great!

    The Body Massager is 6.25” long and 1.375” wide at its widest point. It’s made of premium silicone and is rechargeable, and comes with a USB charging cord included. The Her Fantasy Body Massager can be used with any water-based lubricant and should be cleaned with sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water.

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