Fuck Me / Fuck You Blindfold


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quick facts
This blindfold says "Fuck Me" on one side and "Fuck You" on the other so you can easily let your partner know when you're in the mood and when you're not.
  • "Fuck Me" / "Fuck You" Blindfold
  • Reversible and comfortable
  • One size fits all

item description
Love these days can be so complicated. Is your partner gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, or demisexual? What exactly are the terms of an "open relationship?" Do you want to be woken up with morning sex or not?

Fortunately, at least one of those questions is now easier to answer than ever, thanks to the Fuck Me/Fuck You Blindfold. This reversible silky soft blindfold has the words "Fuck Me" printed on one side and "Fuck You" printed on the other, so you can let your partner know whether you’re in the mood for a good screw or whether you’d rather they just screw off. It’s also made from silk and is decently thick, so it’s comfortable and does a good job of blocking light out of your eyes.

Comes with one blindfold.

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