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Having a sexologist guide your choice of toy cleaner seems like a good idea. Dr. Megan likes Climax Bursts adult toy sanitizer.

  • Cleans and disinfects your toys
  • Safe and gentle for repeated use

item description
Climax Bursts is an anti-bacterial toy cleaner that is safe for all sex toys and vibrators. This water-based toy cleaner is enriched with Vitamin E to protect your skin. Climax Bursts is filled with tiny bursting beads to give your toys a deep clean.

Climax Bursts comes in a 4 fl. oz./118 mL plastic bottle. It has a pop top to prevent spills and messes.

Use Climax Bursts with water to clean and disinfect your sex toys. Climax Bursts Toy Cleaner disinfects with 0.30% triclosan.

Dr. Megan picked this sex toy cleaner as one of her favorites, with the help of Megan is an experienced sexologist, and makes women’s pleasure one of her top priorities in her research and talks. Megan cares about women’s health, happiness and fulfillment—that’s why she’s devoted time to helping pick out the best vibrators and sex aids for you.

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