Evi - Hands-Free Orgasms and Kegel Toning


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The Evi Hands-Free Sex Toy makes kegels orgasmic. Use the power of your PC muscles to rock and shake this unbelievably pleasurable sex toy.
  • Evi Hands-Free Sex Toy
  • For clitoral and g-spot stimulation
  • Rocks against your erogenous zones

item description
Welcome to hands-free sex toy heaven. Vibrators.com loves the sensual Evi because it's a sex toy that was made to fit your curves, and give you full g-spot and clitoral pleasure. The silicone Evi is an insertable sex toy that presses rhythmically against your g-spot and clitoris, all in response to your PC muscles. Squeeze down on the Evi and experience mounting pleasure as it works itself against all your most sensitive spots.

The Evi is a unique sex toy because it strengthens your pelvic floor muscles as you rock to orgasm. This sex toy is the real deal: it's well-made, body-safe, and will tone your PC muscles extremely well. The Evi responds to the way you move your body by rocking against your g-spot and clitoris as you squeeze. Simply squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around the uniquely shaped Evi, and it will rock against your g-spot and clitoris, providing glorious pressure and pleasure. You'll remember to do your Kegels because they will feel incredible.

New to Kegels? Kegel exercises help tone your pelvic floor, and lead to stronger orgasms, increased vaginal tone, better sex, and even help to end incontinence. Simply find the muscles that cause you to stop urinating. Squeeze these muscles in, and you've performed a Kegel. Doctors recommend that you perform 10-20 Kegels 2-3 times per day to keep your muscles healthy and toned. Using the Evi helps you perform these exercises, and rewards you with pleasure and orgasms.

Experiment with the Evi to find the ways she works best for you. You can rock with the Evi inside you, or thrust your hips upward. Set some time aside and get to know your new g-spot sex toy.

Dimensions: 3.5 inches of insertable length; 1.5 inches in diameter.

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