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Need vibrators for a party or event? Buy 100 Vibrators.com Mini Vibrators for a very low price. These small, hard-shell vibrators vibrate intensely and are sure to please.
  • Vibrators.com Mini Vibrator
  • A small, intense vibrator
  • Take 1 AA battery each

item description
Having a party and want to give out an awesome party favor? Or maybe you're throwing a night at a club and want to give out unique prizes. If you need vibrators in bulk for any reason, Vibrators.com has the solution for you. We're selling 100 of our namesake vibrators at a deeply discounted price for your bulk vibrator needs.

The Vibrators.com Mini Vibrator is the perfect vibrator for cheap thrills! Our namesake vibrator is a hard-shelled, traditional vibrator with multiple speeds. Usually sold for $3.99 each, we offer 100 of these vibrators at 62% off the retail price.

This smooth vibrator is just five inches long and an inch in diameter. We like this vibrator because it's a great starter vibrator. We like that it is small and not intimidating, yet delivers a lot of power.

You can use the Vibrators.com Mini Vibrator during solo play or with a partner, internally or externally. This quiet vibrator has a dial on the bottom that allows you to take the settings from a light purr to an intense throttle.

Each fulfilling vibrator takes 1 AA battery. Use it with any type of personal lubricant, and clean with a damp cloth and adult sex toy cleaner.

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