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You are a Suzy Scientist if you are an aficionado of the newest innovations, materials and designs. Choose the Best Vibrator for you here.

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What vibrator type are you? Suzy Scientists love anything new and high-tech.

Suzy Scientist - High-Tech Vibrators Exceed Stringent Requirements
If you're a Suzy Scientist, you are a connoisseur of all things new and hi-tech. You love to know how things work, what they're made of and how to make the most of their capabilities. When it comes to vibrators, you want something with the latest technical innovations. You don't mind learning how to use something a bit more complicated, as long as it delivers the pleasure you're after.

We think a Suzy Scientist would enjoy any of these new gadgets:

  • The Lelo Ora Oral Sex Toy
    The Lelo Ora strokes, licks and flicks your clitoris as it vibrates, offering an intense experience like no other. Pulses, wave, long licks, short flicks ... you pick your pleasure with the Lelo Ora. This luxury sex toy features a nub that moves back and forth over your labia, which is encased in a soft, silicone coating that feels very sensual on the skin.
  • The Best Rabbit Vibrator
    The Best Rabbit Vibrator is our high-tech rabbit vibrator. This vibrator is unique because it charges on a stand, through a wireless system. That means it's both rechargeable and waterproof. We love this vibrator because it's seamless, and made of the best silicone money can buy. It vibrates at unrelenting speeds at two pleasure points, and has the same g-spot pleasuring rotation you expect from rabbit vibrators.
  • The Passion Vibrator
    We are in love with the Passion VIbrator. This vibrator has two vibrating motors: one for your clitoris, and one for your g-spot. It features a large shaft and a totally flexible clitoral stimulator, to give you perfect pleasure every time. It has a very unique shape that you will love; it's made to bend to every woman's whim and curve.
  • The Lily Vibrator
    The rechargeable Lily Vibrator combines vibration, pulsation and escalation to give you some of the most technologically advanced pleasure you'll ever experience. The vibrations this massager provides range from a quiet quiver to a high-powered hum. A high-tech work of art.
  • The Rabbit Habit Vibrator
    The Rabbit Habit is a high-end rabbit vibrator with a Japanese motor. This finely crafted vibrator has two controls on its base: One controls the pearl-lined, oscillating shaft, while the other dictates the clitoral stimulator's vibration speed. A highly stimulating vibrator that will outlast the competition.
  • The Iris Vibrator
    The Lelo Iris Vibrator is a luxury vibrator that features two vibrating pleasure points: One at the tip for G-spot stimulation, and one at the base for clitoral pleasure. This rechargeable vibrator is crafted from premium silicone and includes five pulsation rhythms as well as multi-speed vibrations. A high-tech piece of equipment.
  • nJoy Fun Wand Dildo
    Weighing in at 12 ounces, this heavy stainless steel wand provides G-spot stimulation and an unparalleled feeling of fullness. One end of the nJoy Fun Wand Dildo is perfect for anal stimulation, while the other can target the P or G-spot. A versatile tool that provides all kinds of fun.
  • We Vibe Sex Toy
    The We Vibe is the perfect vibrator for sex or solo play. It was engineered to hug your curves, and presses securely against your G-spot when his penis is inside you. The We-Vibe is small and slender (measuring at 3.25 inches in insertable length and 1 inch across), so a penis or dildo can comfortably fit into the vagina along with this pleasurable vibe.

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