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How To Order a Vibrator Privately How to order a vibrator privately Free shipping for vibrators Vibrator shipping information double layer privacy

Our first priority is to make it easy to order a vibrator privately. We work at it constantly. Unfortunately, sometimes ordering online can be a little confusing and buying a vibrator can seem like a daunting task. We hope this page answers all of your questions.

  1. How Private Is This? We offer the most private way to order anything. Period. We have been doing so since 1998. No one will know what you have ordered. Vibrators.com is simple the most private way to order anything. Read this page to find out exactly how we provide a service that is more private than anyone else.
  2. Free Shipping With Any Order We want you to shop with Vibrators.com so you'll see what great products we sell and how private the process is. This is why we offer Free Shipping on all orders.
  3. Shipping Info We love to answer the question "How much is shipping?" The short answer is, "Our shipping prices are fair and square." Click to read more.
  4. Double Layer Privacy Z-PRIVACY Double Layer Privacy adds a second layer of security to your shipment, making it harder for nosy neighbors, roommates or family to learn the secret to your happiness. This level of privacy isn't available anywhere else. $0.99
  5. Paperless Delivery With paperless shipping, you receive your package in a plain brown box, with only the items you ordered and packaging materials inside. We leave out the receipt.
  6. International Shipping Information We ship all over the world. Find out more information here.
  7. Shopping Cart Questions Here are some answers to frequent questions about using our secure shopping cart.
  8. Top Service - Our Most Recent Customer Service Award. Top Service - Our Latest Customer Service Award - Read about it here.