Toys for Lesbian Couples

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If you're in a lesbian relationship, these toys were designed specifically to pleasure you. Choose Your Best Vibrator at

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These toys are perfect for lesbian lovemaking.

Jill and Jill - Great Vibrators for Lesbian Couples.
Looking for toys that will spice up your sex life? We carry products that offer mutual penetration, clitoral stimulation, vibration and more. We know you're looking for new, unique ways to pursue pleasure, and at, we seek to carry the best and newest toys for lesbian couples. We hope you're pleased with our selection; please let us know if we're missing anything you'd like to play with. Be sure to check out our entire collection of toys at

A sampling of our favorite toys for lesbian couples:

  • The Love Rider Double Dildo
    Why not share the pleasure? Experience simultaneous enjoyment with this strapless strap on toy. The Love Rider is an amazing strapless strap-on that allows you to feel every sensation you give your partner. This is our favorite strapless strap-on.
  • Our Favorite Strap-On Harness loves the SpareParts Joque Strap-On Harness because it's extremely comfortable, and stretches and adjusts to become one with your body. The Joque Harness hugs your every curve and moves with you, meaning you control exactly how your partner receives pleasure. Soft, luxury materials stay secure against your skin, and hold different-sized dildos firmly against your pubic bone for maximum mutual pleasure.
  • The nJoy Fun Wand
    The nJoy was crafted from medical-grade steel to provide an unbelievable feeling of fullness. This wand is perfectly shaped for G-spot massage or female ejaculation. You can heat it up or cool it down to enjoy all new G-spot sensations.
  • Aries Finger Vibrator
    The Aries Finger Vibrator is a nice vibrator for couples. Stronger than most other finger vibrators, sturdy, and silky soft, the Aries has a lot going for it that other finger vibrators don't. It is perfect for foreplay anywhere on the body, and works great during sex too.