Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator


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Enjoy non-stop licking when you experience the Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator. This tongue moves at turbo speeds and is sure to push you over the edge.
  • Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator
  • Unbelievably fast and strong
  • Takes 3 AA batteries


item description
The Gyrating Pleasing Flutter is another famous Gyration Sensations vibrator from CalEx, and it doesn't disappoint. The Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator uses a strong gyration motion to lick and shake all over your clitoris.

The Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator features two unrelenting speeds of gyration. This vibrator has a large handle, and a three inch tongue that flicks and gyrates at unbelievable speeds. If you like clitoral stimulation, you'll love the Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator. Add lots of lube for a feeling that simulates oral sex.

The Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator is nine inches long, with a three inch tongue. It comes to a point and flicks, just like a real tongue. Try either speed for incredible vibrations.

This waterproof vibrator can be used in the shower or tub. It is made of soft, flexible TPE and ABS plastic.

Takes 3 AA batteries.

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