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Anal training set SALE
Anal training sex toys SALE
Wearable anal training set SALE
Anal training toy set SALE
Anal training sex toys SALE
Anal toys SALE

Wearable Anal Training Set

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quick facts
The Anal Training Set helps you move comfortably and slowly toward pleasurable anal sex. It's also recommended for certain physical conditions.
  • Unique, wearable design
  • 5 sizes for gradual stretching
  • Body-safe silicone
  • item description

    Move Toward Pleasurable Anal Sex with This Anal Dilator Training Set

  loves the Wearable Anal Training Set because it's a great way to relax your anal muscles and slowly build toward anal play and anal sex. It's also wonderful for those who, for medical reasons, need to relax their anal sphincters.

    This high-quality silicone set includes 5 anal dilators, which start out smaller than a pinky finger and get progressively larger. Five sizes help you move toward gradual dilation. Each plug is pliable and durable, with a flared base for safe insertion.

    Anal sex should never be painful, yet many of us have experienced painful anal sex. This is from penetrating too quickly, and/or not using enough lube. This set was made to help you slowly move toward receiving anal sex in a way that is comfortable and pleasurable.

    It is recommended to use this set 2 to 4 times per week, for 5 to 30 minutes as needed, to relax your anal muscles. The goal is to insert the largest dilator without discomfort.

    Five dilators, in sizes:

    • 2.60" long x 0.54" wide
    • 2.83" long x 0.70" wide
    • 3.03" long x 0.87" wide
    • 3.15" long x 1.03" wide
    • 3.54" long x 1.19" wide




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