Jelly Anal Beads

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quick facts
The Jelly Anal Beads are an inexpensive anal toy. These anal beads are graduated for an intense orgasm. They are most popular anal toy.
  • The X-10 Jelly Anal Beads
  • 10 graduated anal beads
  • Sturdy beads with retrieval handle

item description
There's no going wrong with the Jelly Anal Beads. These inexpensive anal beads are easy to use and feature a graduated design for the beginner. The Jelly Anal Beads are sturdy, pliable and translucent. The strand of Jelly Anal Beads includes 10 beads and an easy-to-use retrieval handle.

The Jelly Anal Beads range in size from barely 0.20 inches in diameter to an inch across. These anal beads are an inexpensive alternative to other anal toys. Make sure to use a lot of water or silicone based lubricant with the X-10 Beads.

Anal beads heighten orgasm. Usually people insert anal beads during sex play, then pull the beads out slowly at the moment of orgasm. This allows you to feel the contractions of your PC muscles more intensely.

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