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Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb SALE
Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb SALE

Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb

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  • Strawberry Champagne Scent
  • Vibrating Toy Inside
  • Dissolves in the Bath
  • features
    The Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb is a lovely romantic gift that's sure to make bathtime more fun for you and your partner.
    item description

    Everybody always talks about “sex in the shower” like it’s all the rage, like it’s the reason bathrooms were invented or something. You know what they never talk about? “Foreplay in the bathtub.” And if you ask us, that’s much better: there’s no risk of slipping and falling, finding a position isn’t awkward as hell, et cetera.

    If you agree with us on that, then we’ve got the perfect romantic accessory to help you with this bold new sexual experience: the Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb. This cute pink bath bomb is heart-shaped and has a delectable strawberry champagne scent. Best of all, like the name suggests, the fun doesn’t end when it dissolves into your bathwater: hidden inside is a small vibrating toy that you can use in or out of the tub to make foreplay (or female masturbation) even more fun. We’ll take that over awkward shower sex any day.

    6 oz (170 g).

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