The Rockin' Chair - A Powerful, Affordable Orgasm Machine

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The Rockin' Chair is a powerful and affordable orgasm machine that can be used by a woman alone or with a partner. It features five intense settings and an ergonomic shape so you can grind your way to multiple orgasms.
  • The Rockin' Chair
  • An affordable alternative to the Sybian
  • For solo or couples' use


item description
Years ago, we sold a world-famous sex toy called The Sybian. The Sybian was legendary because of its extreme power and ease of use - all you had to do was sit on it, adjust the power settings to your liking, and grind your way to orgasm after orgasm. Unfortunately, even though our customers loved it, we had to stop carrying the Sybian a couple of years back due to an issue with the manufacturer.

But now we’re glad we did, because in our search for a replacement we found a toy that we think you’ll like even better: The Rockin’ Chair. The Rockin’ Chair operates on the same principle as the Sybian: plug it into the wall, straddle the toy, select your preferred power level using the attached remote - five intensity levels ranging from a pleasurable rumble all the way up to an unrelentingly powerful quake - and enjoy a whole new world of pleasure.

We like the Rockin’ Chair better than the Sybian for a few reasons. For one thing, it is far more aesthetically pleasing. The Sybian was dull black and brown and kind of looked like it was made in a minivan factory, whereas the Rockin’ Chair is cute and purple with sensual curves that provide comfortable positioning for nearly all body types. This design also allows it to be more discreet than the Sybian - to the uneducated observer, it could easily pass for a trendy piece of modern furniture. The Rockin’ Chair’s parts also seem to be slightly higher quality, and it features a conveniently placed support handle for extra assistance with positioning. But our absolute #1 reason why we love the Rockin’ Chair is: it is So. Much. More. Affordable. The Rockin’ Chair costs roughly one fifth of what The Sybian costs. We think this is truly a testament to modern advances in sex toy technology. At nearly $1500, the Sybian was prohibitively expensive for most people, but thanks to the Rockin’ Chair’s $299 price point, now all of our customers can afford to experience the orgasmic grinding pleasure this type of toy has to offer.

The only disadvantage the Rockin’ Chair has compared to the Sybian is that it can only be used for clitoral stimulation, whereas the Sybian came with dildo-like attachments for penetrative use. However, we sell a variety of G-spot stimulating toys that can be combined with the Rockin’ Chair’s incredible clitoral stimulator to achieve the dual pleasure you crave. Or, for even more fun, you can use it with a partner - the Rockin’ Chair is long enough that you can both sit comfortably and have a wild ride together.

The Rockin’ Chair comes with all of the following also included in the box:

  • AC/DC Power Adaptor
  • International Universal Power Adaptor
  • 7-Foot Power Cord with inline remote control
  • Satiny purple blindfold
  • Free sample of premium lube
  • Free sample of sex toy cleaner

    The Rockin’ Chair is made from silky-smooth silicone and highly durable PET, and can be used with any water-based lubricant. It should be cleaned with sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water and a clean cloth, and dried with a cloth. Never submerge the Rockin’ Chair in water.


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