Her Fantasy Love Thruster


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The Her Fantasy Love Thruster is part of the Her Fantasy collection of sex toys which combines vibration, heating, and thrusting for an experience unlike any other!
  • Rechargeable
  • Vibration, Thrusting and Heating
  • Wireless Remote

  • Thundering

    item description

    The Her Fantasy collection is a new line of high-quality sex toys and accessories designed to bring women into a whole new world of sensual pleasure. These items are made of high-quality materials, come in lovely shades of purple, and focus on different types of pleasure from the typical kind of clitoral or g-spot stimulation that most sex toys for women tend to focus on.

    When you first look at the scores the Love Thruster received from our Vibrator Institute, you might be a little confused. Why would you want a toy that’s super loud and only vibrates gently? Well, that’s because those scores don’t tell the whole picture sometimes. And the Love Thruster does so, so much more than just vibrate - there are two more incredible sensations that combine to form an orgasmic experience unlike any other. There are three buttons on the front of this vibrator, and each one independetly controls a different aspect of the experience: vibration, thrusting, and heat. The Love Thruster vibrates in 7 different patterns, the shaft thrusts into you in 7 different patterns, and the device heats up to a pleasurably warm 104 degrees. As if combining this trifecta of pleasure wasn’t enough, it also comes with a wireless remote and a suction cup base, to further increase the huge range of ways you can use this versatile toy.

    The Love Thruster has a total length of 12” and an insertable length of 6”, and is 1.4” wide at its widest point. It’s made of premium silicone and ABS plastic. It is rechargeable, and comes with a USB charging cord included as well as a wireless remote control and a suction cup base. The Her Fantasy Love Thruster can be used with any water-based lubricant and should be cleaned with sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water. It comes with a 1 ounce bottle of lubricant and a 1 ounce bottle of toy cleaner.

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