Wet Elite Femme Lube


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quick facts
Elite Femme is a new hybrid lubricant from Wet, makers of high quality water- and silicone-based personal lubricants for sex or masturbation.
  • Hybrid Lube
  • Condom-Compatible
  • 3 oz. Bottle

  • item description

    The Wet brand makes some of our favorite personal lubricants in the world, and their Elite Femme Lube is no exception. This hybrid lubricant is specially formulated to compliment a woman’s natural moisture and enhance intimacy while feeling as natural as possible.

    Hybrid lubes combine the best parts of water-based and silicone-based lubricants. Elite Femme Hybrid Lube is long-lasting and slippery like a silicone lube, but still condom-compatible and easy to clean up like a water-based lube. For these reasons, Elite Femme is an ideal female lubricant.

    3 oz. / 89 mL bottle.

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