Bamboo Vibrator

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quick facts
The Bamboo Vibrator is an ultra-discreet mini-vibrator that looks a lot like a nondescript lipstick container. It's perfect if you want to hide your vibe in plain sight.
  • The Bamboo Vibrator
  • 4 inches by 0.75 inches
  • Takes 1 AAA Battery (included)


item description
Bamboo Vibrator

Why We Love the Bamboo Vibrator

We love the Bamboo Vibrator because it’s small, powerful, and one of the most discreet vibrators we’ve ever seen. It looks just like a tube of lipstick, and while it’s not the only vibrator with a similar appearance, the Bamboo is especially useful for women . Many discreet vibrators have outer casings that make them look like lipstick, but look a lot more conspicuous once the casing is removed. With the Bamboo, there’s no casing to remove - the vibrator itself looks like the lipstick. Plus, a simple press of the button isn’t going to start it suspiciously shaking - that requires you to hold it down for a full three seconds, which most kids won’t bother to do. No disguise is perfect, even in nature, but when it comes to discreet sex toys, the Bamboo Vibrator is a master of camouflage.

About the Bamboo Vibrator

The Bamboo Vibrator is a waterproof, battery-powered vibrator made from ABS plastic. ABS is not only body-safe, it’s compatible with any kind of personal lubricant. The Bamboo Vibrator is 4 inches long, and 0.75 inches in diameter. It features ten different speeds and patterns of vibration, controlled by the single button at the base of the vibrator.

How does the Bamboo Vibrator Feel?

The Bamboo Vibrator features ten different speeds and modes of vibration, all of which fall in the Vibrator Institute’s "Intense" range, so you know it’s packed with powerful pleasure. While it is ideal for external stimulation of the clitoris and other sensitive areas of skin, t’s also a little longer than "bullet" style vibrators, which means you could possibly use it for some internal stimulation as well.

Use and Special Instructions

The Bamboo Vibrator is a waterproof, battery-powered vibrator that takes 1 AAA battery, which is included. The Bamboo Vibrator can be used with any water- or silicone-based personal lubricant, and should be cleaned with sex toy cleaner or liquid anti-bacterial soap and water.

Bamboo Vibrator Facts
  • Vibrator Type: Mini Vibrator
  • Length: 4 inches
  • Diameter: 0.75 inches
  • Material: Body-safe ABS Plastic
  • Smooth and rigid
  • Ten vibration speeds and modes
  • Waterproof
  • Batteries: 1 AAA (included)
  • One Button controls
  • Best for: external stimulation of the clitoris

    Who will love the Bamboo Vibrator:
    • Women who want a small but powerful vibrator
    • Women who want a discreet vibrator
    • Women with kids

    Understanding Sound and Vibration

    Here at, we test each and every vibrator for vibration and sound levels. Our Vibrator Institute doesn't test vibrators the way you might think; instead, we use scientific equipment that reads vibration and decibel levels. Based on these levels, each vibrator we sell gets a rating. The Power Level ratings are Gentle, Pleasurable, Intense and Unrelenting. The Sound Level ratings are Whisper, Purr, Hum, Buzz and Thundering. The Bamboo Vibrator has a rating of Intense Hum. This means it vibrates at rather strong levels, and has an average sound level.

    If we don't like the look, feel, sound or vibration level of a sex toy, we don't sell it. That's why only sells about 300 vibrators. There are tens of thousands of vibrators on the market, and that's a lot for a customer to wade through. We offer only the best vibrators, so you can choose the best vibrator for you in the easiest way possible.


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