Jelle Anal Lubricant


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Jelle Anal Lube provides plenty of cushion for slick anal play. This thick lubricant stays where you put it, providing slickness where you need it most.
  • Jelle Anal Lube
  • Water-based and condom-friendly
  • Thick and super slick for anal play

item description
Anal play and anal sex need a lot of lube, to keep your delicate rectum safe and happy. That's why thick lubricants like Wicked Jelle are best. Thick lubricants are ultra-concentrated, meaning more slippery slickness when you need it most.

Jelle Anal Lube is thick, water-based, and ultra-slick for extra cushion and superior glide. This anal lubricant stays where you put it. It's condom-friendly, pH balanced, long-lasting, and cleans up easily.

Paraben and glycerin-free. Made in the USA.

120mL/4.0 fl. oz.

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